Mission Statement

Relate with compassion. Educate with rigor. Empower for success.


  1. Relate with Compassion: We recognize a diverse student body presents unique challenges and needs. Therefore we work with parents and the community to build strong relationships with our students by modeling mutual respect, setting clear expectations, demonstrating unconditional positive regard, and providing opportunity for restorative justice.
  2. Educate with rigor: As a community of educators, we align instruction with Washington State’s adopted learning standards. Teachers utilize diverse instructional strategies to provide students with opportunities to think critically, problem solve, and engage in cognitively demanding learning activities. We use formative and summative assessment data to provide intervention through support and extension opportunities.
  3. Empower for success: With a balance of rigor and support, compassion and accountability, we inspire students to develop the character traits, academic skills and knowledge to become productive citizens prepared for college or career. 


Every Student. Every Day.